Coronavirus FAQ'S

How is Covid-19 transmitted?

This disease is spread from person to person through tiny droplets released from the nose or mouth during a sneeze or cough. People who are in proximity and who breathe in these droplets get infected. These droplets also can land on surfaces and infect them. People who subsequently touch contaminated surfaces are at risk of being infected.

How do I know if I am infected?

While only a medical test can truly determine infection, common symptoms to watch out for are fever, a dry cough and fatigue. Nasal congestion and body aches and even in some rare cases diarrhoea are also symptoms.

How lethal is the disease?

While 80% of the people who get this disease will recover without needing special treatment, one in every six people who are infected get seriously ill and have difficulty in breathing.

Should I wear a mask?

Only wear a mask if you feel sick yourself. The mask will help prevent you from infecting other people when you cough or sneeze. Also wear a mask if you are looking after someone who is ill. Wear a mask as long as you have the symptoms of cough or sneezes. Stop after 24 – 48 hours after you stop having any symptoms.

How do I protect myself from Covid-19?

Keep your hands clean. Regular washing with soap or an alcoholic sanitiser will help. Avoid touching your face with unclean hands. Cover your cough with a handkerchief or the bend of your elbow sleeve if you don’t have a mask. Maintain social distancing of 3 feet.

What is the virus incubation period?

An incubation period is the time it takes from being exposed to the virus to the time you start displaying symptoms. For Covid-19 this can be anywhere between 1 to 14 days. The common average being 5 days.

Should I avoiding Asians and Asian places of businesses like supermarkets?

No. The Covid-19 virus doesn’t discriminate between nationalities or retail outlets. It has infected people across countries, races and age groups. We encourage everyone to maintain civility and empathy during these times and not to stigmatise anyone.

Can I catch the virus by being in an enclosed place like a subway?

No as this is not an airborne virus. However it is essential to maintain social distancing so that you aren’t in close proximity to a potentially infected person who may have an un-shielded cough or sneeze.


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