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All heart. All purpose

Heart For Dream is a value driven organisation that is part of the IDEA Communication group. Born of the belief that the values that drive our businesses, and the principles which each endeavour is built on underpin and influence the values of the local communities that we exist in. Heart For Dream will empower your company to transcend conventional notions in business, going beyond mere profit-making in order to make a wider and deeper impact than previously possible.

Our in-depth expertise and knowledge of the challenges faced by the disadvantaged communities, has inspired us to create a network of companies, clients and charitable partners committed to changing the world for good. At Heart For Dream, we produce research, analysis, strategy, and actionable campaigns to maximise value for our clients, with campaigns spanning up to 6 months and delivering tangible results.

Today Heart For Dream is leading the charge by bridging the gap between medical institutions who critically need to purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and medical equipment, with corporates and charities who have the means to help. Uniting them together as a force for change with a platform that sources much needed PPE first-hand from suppliers and donates them to frontline workers and doctors whose lives depend on it every hour.

If you have products to donate for the cause or would like to consult with us about how your CSR initiatives can make a meaningful real-world difference, contact us today.

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