Preparing for back-to-business

Preparing for back-to-business

The 2019 Covid-19 virus has re-shaped the business landscape. As PR professionals we entered this crisis advising our clientele about how best they should communicate with their employees and stakeholders with respect to upcoming shutdowns and adjusting to work from home deliverables. This was a time to reassure customers that their favourite brands and businesses had their back and were working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep lines of businesses open. Yet there was a deluge of such messaging pouring into our customer’s inbox that those who hadn’t had their say early were often ignored. This is proof that timing is everything in PR. It’s now time to take stock and prepare to roll up our sleeves as we prepare to roll out once again.

While Heart For Dream is a platform for social good, Idea Communications is working behind the scenes with clients as they wait for that day when travel bans and restrictions are raised and they can plan to kick start their businesses again. The shift will be from crisis communication to planning for a future of communications that will be new territory for everyone. Here are few things you and your teams can start tackling today as part of your back to business strategy.

For board of directors

  • Preparing boards for new ways to carry out their fiduciary duties and oversight through remote meetings, collaborations and work
  • Preparing senior management for adapting to new business models based on country mobility constraints
  • Preparing company restart response framework for all employees
  • Crafting communication strategies for both internal and external stakeholders
  • Looking at new access to capital and examining the ability to tap into existing credit facilities

For employees

  • Drafting work plans to get our employees back into the workspace safely while maintaining social distancing at their desk
  • Arranging counselling for employees who have faced personal losses due to Covid-19
  • Helping employees who have to work from home with their childcare needs
  • Crafting strategies for employees who report sick to work post Covid-19
  • Dealing with employee lay-offs, notice periods and severance as we have to cut costs
  • How do we deal with scaling back compensation of existing employees

Annual Engagements

  • How will social distancing affect your plans for your next AGM and shareholder engagements and whether these need to be held virtually?
  • How does it affect upcoming trade engagements and how should you scale accordingly?
  • How can virtual conferences and meetings be held on scale and securely for stakeholders?