Covid Rapid Test Kit

Our rapid testing kits from Sansure include One-tube fast test nucleic acid screening solutions. Our reagent kit is used to conduct the in-vitro qualitative test of suspected cases of Covid-19 causing pneumonia, cluster cases and other tests of nasopharyngeal swab or bronchoalveolar lavage containing 2019-nCov virus gene ORF1ab and gene N. One person using one Sansure machine (Natch CS fully automated extraction system / Slan 96 PCR)  can process a maximum of 1200 samples in a day. They can also be used in the field with iPonatic portable molecular workstations. The Sansure Covid-19 test program has already been adopted by 10 countries including Ethiopia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, UAE and Cambodia.

Product Specifications:

  • Certified ISO 9001 2015
  • Certified EN ISO 13485:2016
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