Rethinking tomorrow today

Rethinking tomorrow today

The corona virus pandemic has changed our lives for the foreseeable future on a global scale. Till there is a vaccine freely available and the virus outbreaks tamed across the world, our tomorrow’s are hardly going to resemble the yesterdays we yearn for. With a death toll that will exceed 90,000, this crisis is affecting people of all walks of life without discrimination.

The crisis has reshaped our perspective on social norms and business models.   Not only will social distancing still be the norm as we head into the second half of the year, so will remote working. Businesses are no different. Whether you represent a mom and pop establishment or sit on the board of a company, when we do decide to open our doors for business, we know that Covid-19 would have irrevocably re-written the rules. Whether it is staggered business hours to reducing crowding on public transportation, or new social seating and queuing norms to adapt, society and businesses will have to adapt. While we prepare to step into this future with our clients and colleagues, it is the here and now that we can make the most of an impact.

This current crisis has highlighted the shortfalls in hospital infrastructure across the world. While countries race to ensure lockdowns are adhered to, we can’t but help think that in the near future we will really need to re-examine the economics of healthcare. The economics of Covid-19 is one of scarcity with countries scrambling for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) – the masks, protective wear and goggles necessary to keep health workers safe. Then there is the shortage of ventilators and even hospital beds. On the flip side, during these trying times there are also stories of innovation. The Mercedes Formula One Team rapidly prototyping breathing equipment for hospitals, African entrepreneurs making 3D printed ventilators or even the story of the young boy scout who 3D printed a ear guard for masks for hospitals, these stories give us heart during otherwise dark times.

Since early March Helena Ma has volunteered 90% of her working hours and teamed up with authorized and accredited Singaporean and Chinese biotech labs, Chinese Association of Emergency Goods Supply and Chinese military-supply SOEs to supply  COVID 19 test kit, N95mask, sanitizers & disinfection card, thermometers, protective masks, protective suits etc to hospitals and governments that have acute need. She has also roped in the help of companies who want to procure to donate using the Heart For Dream Platform. She has been leveraging her alumni network of universities, MBA schools in the UK, Africa, China and SEA to raise funds for donation through her transparent fund-raising platform. Her drive is her personal hope and strong faith that this act of good will lead to a better future for all of us.